hey my name is Jessica but a lot of people call me Jessica Heart also known as Jessica Vore I'm 23 and I'm a pinup model :P

P.S. see just below there is a link to my facebook go like my page loves <3

blakegearin: are you a gamer girl

yes i game with new and old games I do enjoy old school games more though but i do play newer games too 

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Anonymous: You enjoy showing your skin, don't you. ;) Do you by chance have some non-edited pictures as well? :D

yes I do I will try to post some soon for the fans if I don’t please remind me 

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Anonymous: I'm a huge fan of you. I was wondering if you could post sexy pictures of yourself. You are truly very beautiful

I’ll be posting new sexy pictures soon thank you so much for your support 

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frank-dc: Do you have any certain websites besides blogs/facebook?

I will be putting up a new site in two months i am sorry about the wait a lot of people have been asking about this i will being going back to Pinup and and selling signed poster and pictures that are nude and sexy and pinup sets

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shogunatheist: Do You Like Art And Poetry?

yes very much so I stopped drawing as much but I used to do a lot of art I just started getting back into it <3

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emrys-wyllt: You are so gorgeous. Do you ever plan on doing nude photos?

I have taken a break from Pinup but will be going back to doing it in two months! thats when my site is going back up and i will sell nude pinup sets and signed posters and photos :) 

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