hey my name is Jessica but a lot of people call me Jessica Heart I'm 23 and as you can see I love taking pictures I also have a facebook see the link under this click it and follow me on facebook too I post more on there <3

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sometimes when people have dreams they look at their self&#8217;s in the dreams and not through their own eyes this picture was inspired by a dream I had and I tried to copy how I saw myself when i saw myself in my dream I look shocked and I had my hand in front of my face like I was trying to cover it or hide something
I love these heels I wear them all the time now XD
in a tumblr posting mood XD
mattiemayhem-deactivated2013050: Hello there just wanted to say you are adorably cute. :) oh just so its not creepy i have you on Facebook and yeah.

thanks dear and its not creepy at all <3

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fetishguyjim: You're Goddess. Do you smoke cigarettes?

thanks dear and I used to but I quite 3 years ago thanks to my amazing boyfriend <3 

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piscessiren: what extensions do you use? they look amashingg c: my hair is sooo short and I hate it, but my mom won't let me get extensions cause last time I had them they were busted in like a week. >.<

i use 15inch extensions sometimes 18 inch too depending on my mood but i order my extension on ebay since their a lot cheaper there heres a link


okay so what i would do if i were you is buy 15 inch extensions since your hair is short if your extensions are to long but your hair is really short it’ll look fake also i would buy blond ones and dye them the same color that you dyed your hair so they match and look like your real hair

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